Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Updates

It was our intention last month to get the ball rolling and do more work and research for this cause, but alas "life" seemed to "get in the way".  However, some news is that for my personal area I will be trying to do some work with a local shelter around here.  How exactly help can be rendered is still subject to question (we need to get ahold of the right people who can clarify what we can do based on how this project is set up), but we've at least identified one possible venue for us to work through!

If not through money, then we hope to at least be able to donate some of our time (although this is subject to question as well due to a number of "major" life changes all coming to bear at baby, new job, as well as keeping up everything that's going on now, and then to add volunteering...OY!)

So stay tuned and if you have interest, know someone who would be interested, or any kind of submissions drop us a comment here or an email @!

Celebrating and supporting femininity one step at a time!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Charity Ideas...

While originally we intend to work with making donations to charities that support battered women we're also brainstorming other women-oriented causes.  Some ideas we have currently are:
  • Breast cancer
  • Battered women/domestic violence
  • Lupus
  • AIDS
  • Foreign countries
  • Literacy
  • Teen mothers
  • Ovarian (and other reproductive organ) cancers

Celebrating and supporting femininity one step at a time!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Facebook Group

For those of you on Facebook here is a link to join our presence there.  The Pink Pride Project on Facebook.

At the current moment the group is closed as everything gets set up, we start our brainstorming, as well as working out all of the kinks.

Celebrating and supporting femininity one step at a time!


Upon being inspired (and reminded) by a recent post in a group we are part of it's been decided that it was time to "breathe life into" an old idea we had back in 2009.  The "Pink Pride Project"...

Upon being part of Lissa Rankin's community "Owning Pink" it came to us one day that as an artist we could help support our fellow women through charitable donations.  So was born the beginning of the idea.  The premise behind this project is that artists of various sorts will gather together and make "women" oriented art.  "Women" oriented art is a pretty general reference though, so to clarify what we mean:  art that expresses the essence of the feminine through color, subject matter, or use.  (Like a necklace, a woman's scarf, something pink, purple, or some other traditionally "feminine" color, etc.)  Part (or all - at the the discretion of the artist) of the proceeds will be donated through the project to a woman-oriented charity.  At the moment we are focusing on charities for battered or abused women, but we are not restricting the type of charities aside from they be women oriented.  (We did however decide to not go with the immediate thought of breast cancer because there has been a lot done for it already.)

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, or would like to join in this effort feel free to contact us!

Celebrating and supporting femininity one step at a time!